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9 Elephants Join Ellen in discussing Life and all its possibilities
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Hi, my name is Ellen Black and I welcome you to 9 Elephants—a virtual salon and a healing center. 9 Elephants is a counseling service that uses innate intuition, along with the insight of the Tarot, to help people find the best answers to questions of all types. More
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When we are faced with choices, sometimes very difficult, we must seek and be open to the wisdom that will point to choices that will bring completeness. For a personal reading on your career, your love life, or to find out what you can expect in the near future, schedule a consultation online or call Ellen at (480) 634-7832. Appointments can also be made via email. View a few testimonials.

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April through June 2017 - Enjoy, Let Go, and Rest
Mar 29,2017
How is everyone doing? I hope the reading I did that covered last December through this past month have been helpful. I apologize that I've not done monthly readings on top of this quarterly reading,…(more)

December 2016 - March 2017: Happy New Year & Buckle Up
Dec 08,2016
Hey. 2016 has been so rough on so many that the majority of us were just hoping to make it through November 8th and after Hillary Clinton was elected President, we could start to exhale,…(more)

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