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9 Elephants Join Ellen in discussing Life and all its possibilities
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Hi, my name is Ellen Black and I welcome you to 9 Elephants—a virtual salon and a healing center. 9 Elephants is a counseling service that uses innate intuition, along with the insight of the Tarot, to help people find the best answers to questions of all types. More
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When we are faced with choices, sometimes very difficult, we must seek and be open to the wisdom that will point to choices that will bring completeness. For a personal reading on your career, your love life, or to find out what you can expect in the near future, schedule a consultation online or call Ellen at (480) 634-7832. Appointments can also be made via email. View a few testimonials.

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King of Wands and Seven of Pentacles - Have a Vision, Be Determined
Jan 29,2016
The King of Wands is a leader. He was born a leader with vision. Interestingly enough, one of the aspects associated with the Seven of Pentacles is also that of vision. The King of Wands…(more)

The Chariot - Where will your journey take you?
Jan 12,2016
As I promised in my Tarot Reading for 2016 blog, here is the first reading for the New Year. Interestingly enough, the card I pulled is The Chariot, which is the card that I pulled…(more)

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